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HBD S.E. Aka DJ AnthonyKeidis

Behavior / Ausencia / Condition / Green Beret in the new MMR 📷 by Martin Sorrondeguy


Material goods. Stuff picked up from Amoeba, Vacation Vinyl and M-Theory.

Special thanks to unfunzine for the zines, they’re sick.



"Inconsiderate Me" - Listen to Horror Show

conversation 16

it’s 2:33am….

this is a sneak peek of what is to come….
“Three Hours: an Unfun photozine”

unlike previous zines this will have no original photos… but I’ll be reworking other people’s photos without using Photoshop or any computer programs…

not very soon but more info soon…

tonight, I said HBD to a dear friend…

it felt good to be surrounded by people I see often but rarely see (that doesn’t make sense but in a way it makes perfect sense)

me watching Aphex Twin at Coachella 2008 #fbf




2:03am / November 2nd / 2012

I took this at the Life Long Tragedy record release show (Dec. 2006), I could be wrong but I believe this is Ian who played samples for Graf Orlock (at the time).

Portishead // Coachella - 04.26.08 #tbt


new young gods