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today I saw an old friend, he greeted me with warmness… I opened my home to a mutual friend who had no place for the evening… I was pulled over and given a ticket on my way home… I got a record signed for a friend who doesn’t even live in this country… I fostered a dog (and I miss him)… I was called an asshole by two different people… A guy on a bike flipped me off… “people take, take, take and take”… I’m exhausted… I keep myself busy (very busy) just to keep from being idle… I push off way too much… It’s beginning to catch up with me… in short, I miss my brother.

Joyce Manor

Amoeba Music - Hollywood






S.H.I.T. - Los Globos - Los Angeles, CA - 06/29/14

this is awesome.

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Six selfies=zZzZzzzzZz

denim on denim

Photo by splitfelipe

listen to Pity Sex.


Downtown LA 7.19.14

I was fascinated by Furn’s shoes.

The Cro Magnut
Husker Blu

photo by @likexritual

Joyce Manor
FREE this Thursday July 24th at 6pm, Amoeba Music - Hollywood

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Anonymous asked: U evr git yaa asshole ate

all da time bby…

but if you bring me a Tigertail from Donut Man…

you could slap some sriracha or lather it up with peanut butter idgaf