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Tomorrow night…

I’ll be spinning…

all Smiths…

all Morrissey…

in K Town…

come hang… chill… sway… etc.

come October, we can sway on the dance floor together.


When I see I love your blog on other people’s tumblr, it says to me, ” I love your reblog” cause that’s all they do… Lame

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Jav (alloverthistown13) will now be guest Djing…

come hang, dance, chill, celebrate the relase of my newest zine Death Valley ‘69

it’s FREE all night…

plus I’ll be giving away a bunch of free Unfun stuff…


Thank You Have A Nice Day Store For I’ve Seen Better Days.

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No argument there.

I love Zodiac and even tho Chloë is only in the second half of the film, it’s not surprising that she’d be in a film like Zodiac…

ScarJo on the other hand is a different story haha this movie is way too weird for her to be doing (based on all of her previous films) but I def enjoy this one for sure.

Glazer is def a visual director and the weakness of the film is the storyline but if this film had a soundtrack like some of the music videos his done (Radiohead, Portishead or even Massive Attack) then it would be the perfect companion to make up for such a eh story.

Btw let’s get pizza or donuts soon and talk gear

Under The Skin has to be one of thee most Lynch-esque or Fincher-esque films I’ve ever seen Scarlet Johansson do.



free at Death Valley ‘69 release party (only)


Home Made Polysynth is comprised of photos accumulated from previous Unfun zines from the last 2 yrs.

just finished watching this… it’s awesome.

"Home Made Polysynth", 11x17, B&W, photos inside are an accumulation of photos from previously printed Unfun zines from the last 2 yrs….. free, very very ltd, 08.16.14 at the DV’69 release party.


I shot photos of Joyce Manor on July 24.2015 for the Amoeba website.

You can view & download photos from the set at AmoebaMusic.com