Furn. // XXX // Amoeba Music (Hollywood)

Negative Approach / Che Cafe / 2012

Rob Moran (Unbroken) posted this after last nights show…

After over 21 years of booking shows on and off, I am officially retiring. Last night will never be topped. Seeing my friends with smiles after the show made 3yrs of begging and fighting to make this show happen all worth it. I will be forever thankful to what hardcore has done for me, and those that I love. Also, Joe from Infest and Tim from Amenity losing their minds during the show just helped to put it over the top. NA is like no band that I have ever seen. I’ve never felt so wrathful, angry, happy, depressed, hopeful and in love as I did during “Nothing”. No substance in the world can recreate what was going on last night. Thank you to Spencer and everyone at the Che Cafe for helping to make this a memorable night. Finally, thank you to everyone who came and everyone who played, we all witnessed something very magical last night.

We won’t take any shit…
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