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Morrissey - Bridges Auditorium

Claremont, CA - 08.26.97

It was very hard sneaking in cameras & video cameras to shows. Morrissey was pretty good at spotting them & would, obviously, forbid them upon entrance to his shows. During the mid-90’s to early 2000’s I would trade VHS tapes with people from all over the world or make copies of tapes I obtained through trades because I wanted everything & all things Morrissey (same went for CD bootlegs of live shows)

these pictures, I did not take but I’ve also never posted or shared them before, anywhere. I was lucky to have gotten two full rolls of photos from a person who snuck in his camera.

this particular show still ranks as one of my favorites. I waited in line since the early day, flowers in hand. Smoking Popes (in my opinion, his best opening band ever) were the opening band, the setlist was the same as most of the Maladjusted tour but for his encore he played The Queen is Dead, the first time he ever performed it live post-Smiths.


The Boy Racer
Alma Matters
Billy Budd
Roy’s Keen
Hold On To Your Friends
Ambitious Outsiders
Satan Rejected My Soul
Reader Meet Author
The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get
Dagenham Dave
Now My Heart Is Full
Paint A Vulgar Picture
/The Queen Is Dead

Beach House - 2013

Portishead - 2008

Dinosaur Jr. - 2013

Cities Aviv - 2014

Kraftwerk - 2008

Death in June - 2013

Morrissey - 2011

Texas is the Reason - 2013

Glassjaw - 2013

Mono - 2005

I’d much rather see a reunion of this lineup than a Smiths reunion

Brett Anderson (Suede)

Thomas ‘Mensi’ Mensforth (Angelic Upstarts)

Tim Booth (James)

Iggy Pop

Billy Bragg

David Bowie

Rick Astley

Michael Stipe (REM)

Sinead O’Connor

Lady Gaga

Phil Anselmo LOVES The Smiths.

"and if the people stare then the people stare"


more skinheads in music videos… please.

Tomorrow music video (alternative version)

"He Knows I’d Love to See Him"

reading material // 10.09.13

Casey Wisenbaker

this was taken on a Sunday afternoon at a Rival Mob/Knife Fight/Iron Lung show

March 2013

Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit (Top of the Pops 1991)

Guess who Kurt Cobain was imitating as he mocked the Top of the Pops?

From the book "Heavier than Heaven"

Kurt hatched a plan with Novoselic and Grohl to make a mockery of their performance. As the backing track played, Kurt sang the vocals in a slowed-down, almost Vegas-like lounge version; he was attempting, he later claimed, to sound like Morrissey.”

Two of my favorite things.

"True To You"

Casey Wisenbaker / March 2013