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release party for Death Valley ‘69 an Unfun photozine

Saturday- August 16th

at Melody Lounge (Chinatown) 939 N. Hill. St., L.A.,Ca., 90012

FREE - 10p-2a - 21+

DV ‘69: features photos from recent ventures to Baltimore, Washington DC, friends, people, places as well as Weekend, Green Beret, Los Crudos, S.H.I.T., Pity Sex, Youth Code, Altered Boys, Give, Slammers, Forced Order, Violent Reaction, Blazing Eye, Disapproval, Boston Strangler, The Flex, Tigers Jaw, Godflesh, Title Fight, Culo, Infest, Nightmares on Wax, etc.

I will be giving a ton of free Unfun related stuff… a brand new live CD mix, prints, buttons, old zines… on top of DV’69 being available I will also a very, very limited photozine zine with 4 other nameless individuals

please come, hang, chill, dance, watch movies with us, while Adrienne & I spin records.

once again this is 100% free all ya gotta do is show up :)

Thank You for reading & for your support.

-Furn XXX


GAS RAG - Black Flame Collective July 20th, 2014


                                   Nails/Iron Lung Video Document

Back in May, I rode the Greyhound bus to Seattle and back, shooting video of Nails and Iron Lung along the way. Special thanks to the sound guy at Bottom of the Hill in SF for keeping my backpack behind the soundboard as I climbed amplifiers. 

you like Nails?

you like iron Lung?

I highly suggest you check this out.

watch it, slam to it, mosh to it, headbang to it, rewatch it, share it, reblog it, support DIY

Rotting Out

Chain Reaction // Anaheim, Ca.


New Brigade

Chain Reaction // Anaheim, Ca.


this rules.


Forced Order

Programme Skate & Sound // 07.06.14


record release show

Vacation Vinyl // Silverlake, Ca. // 06.22.14

featuring photos of friends, people, places, random oddities, etc.

as well as, bands… such as: Green Beret, Godflesh, Disapproval, Slammers, Violent Reaction, Culo, Infest, Title Fight, Give, Altered Boys, Boston Strangler, Fury, The Flex, Los Crudos, Waste Management, etc.

details of how many will be printed & where to get a copy will be posted at the end of this month (June)

Slammers / Fury / Enough Said / Altered Boys / Disapproval

Bridgetown DIY // La Puente, Ca. // 06.07.14


Bridgetown DIY // La Puente, Ca. // 06.07.14

Enough Said

Bridgetown DIY // La Puente, Ca. // 06.07.14


Bridgetown DIY // La Puente, Ca. // 06.07.14


Bridgetown DIY // La Puente, Ca. // 06.07.14

I’ve decided for #tbt I’ll scan old flyers & share them…